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Trunk Authorization + Alcatel OXO

March 19, 2012

We have handsets connected to our OXO’s in places that might not be desirable to leave them open for anyone to gain access to a Trunk.

I was recently asked to allow a user to use one of these handsets when he needed remembering that we had setup access codes on one of our systems years ago I went hunting…

Eventually I worked it out and here are the steps.

1. In the OMC add a new Account Code Table e.g.

Account Code Account Name Ptct User ID COS Rstr Masked
1234 Test User No No None 0

2. Add a New account code number in the internal dialing plan e.g.

Feature Start End Base
New Account Code *5 *5

3. Make sure the extension you want to block has barring level set appropriately (e.g. 1 for voice calls).

Bingo that should work, to dial out just dial *5 then 1234 (account code) then 0 for a trunk.


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