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Crystal Reports With Terms and Conditions

June 17, 2012

My company has a requirement that we print our Purchasing Terms and Conditions at the end of all our purchase orders. Using our current ERP system this is done via pre printed stationary but we are moving to Epicor Enterprise 9 shortly so it was wise to move to electronic forms so they can include the logos.

Crystal is the simplest choice for me mainly because I haven’t learnt how to do SSRS reports with Epicor yet. SSRS is a great solution but I’m just not there yet on this learning curve.

So I started with the standard Epicor Purchase Order form then I chucked my T&C’s in the last group footer (not in the page footer because I don’t want it to be on every page).

Next I suppressed all the page footers because I was worried about them confusing Crystal (which is not hard to do).

Then I ensured that in the section expert for my T&C group footer section I had new page before ticked.

I also had reset page number after but this was because I may need to print multiple po’s as one report and then next po would be a the start of a new page range.

Now my T&C’s where printing but over about 3 pages instead of just 2. This was because the group/report header section printed on the second page that had the T&C’s so I looked to conditional supression of the sections.

For sections that only need to print on the first page I just use 

pagenumber > 1 for the supression.

If I need to show a section on all pages except for the T&C page I use this statement in the conditional suppression for the field.

whileprintingrecords; if ((pagenumber = totalpagecount) ) then true else false;

It took a bit of stuffing around in crystal but I eventually got it working. I find sometimes you need to quit crystal saving the report and reopen the program to get it to rerender the entire report in preview. Closing the preview and re opening does not seem to reset everything sometimes.


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