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OpenELEC Install

June 23, 2012

I’ve been using XBMC for a while using the full linux install from the XBMC website. This was fine but could be a bit slow at times and doesn’t auto update (as far as I know).

A friend told me about OpenELEC the auto updating got me very interested. I use a small ASUS media PC that I’ve had for a while but it doesn’t have any solid state storage (only hdd) and I could get it to boot off USB (following the install off the OpenELEC wiki).

Eventually I got around to trying the manual install, here is the steps I used.

  1. Boot the PC off gentoo-minimal boot disc, no particular reason why it was gentoo I just like it and it’s a small download.
  2. Use cfdisk to partition the disk as per the OpenELEC instructions
  3. formated the partitions created in 2. with mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdx where x is my partition number, I also created a swap partition but I think this is unnecessary.
  4. copy the SYSTEM and KERNEL files as per the open new SYSTEM partition.
  5. use links (or wget) to get the latest version of the syslinux package off
  6. unpack syslinux package (tar -jxvf for bzip2)
  7. install extlinux onto the new OE_SYSTEM partition as per the instructions inside the syslinux package, extlinux boots ext4, syslinux is for booting vfat partitions.
  8. install the mbr as per the sys/extlinux instructions onto the new disk
  9. create a new extlinux.conf on the new disk (wherever you installed extlinux) I installed my extlinux on the root of the disk so my extlinux.conf looks like this.

  10. DEFAULT linux
    PROMPT 0

    LABEL linux

  11. unmount disks and reboot.
  12. If you did everything correctly openELEC should boot in a couple of seconds.


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