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How to crash an Alcatel OXO

September 9, 2012

I have been trying to get my virtual riverbed to work in-band with not a lot of luck as of yet. I thought I would check if the virtual in-path interface works just like the physical machines i.e. is it a bridge or not.

If it is a bridge it should cause havoc on my network because it will be connecting one switchport back to the same switch causing an arp storm among other things.

And sure enough a couple of seconds after changing the interfaces and vmware did it’s thing I lost connection to the vm and everything came crashing down. I then looked at my phone and noticed the screen was blank, at first I thought it was unrelated and maybe a UPS had failed.

First thing I did was shut down the riverbed vm at the vmware console (vim-cmd vmsc/ pid) then I went and looked at the oxo it’s lights where on and it’s not a good idea to turn the oxo off without first checking that it is actually dead (you can corrupt the fs/boot process easily and brick your cpu).

Sure enough by the time I got back to my desk phones where beeping indicating that it was finishing it’s boot process! So the arp storm or whatever happened after I bridged the interfaces killed the oxo causing a reboot.

Good way to cause havoc at an office, plug in to a network boom phones go off.

-Update -10/9/12
OXO has been rebooting every couple of hours all day today (Monday) ordered a new CPU and decided I better upgrade. Not sure what’s going on hope the upgrade will fix it. Ran Wireshark for a while watching packets but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary (apart from a machine that has some spyware installed and was broadcasting name requests for .pl domains).


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