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The Apple Store

September 30, 2012

I had to go into the Apple store today to get a birthday present for a family member. Every time I walk into one of these stores I get a feeling of annoyance combined with envy.

The annoyance mainly come from young hipsters in the blue shirts and in awe customers following them around and hanging off their every word. It also comes from how busy the store always is.

Then envy arises from how perfect Steve and the apple team managed to get the whole retail experience.
1. The music – it’s nice calm music that is perfect, something poppy but not too out there to make the customers want to get on the tables and dance.
2. The room – isn’t cluttered with displays shelf’s it feels light and airy and the is room to move (the only issue is the people).
3. Paying – I can walk up to any team member and pay with my credit card.
4. Invoice – no need to print something, just put my details in their mobile device and the invoice gets emailed to me! Awesome.

Today I was in and out in 5minutes and I didn’t have to pay for parking (free on a sunday in the bay I parked in) so the whole experience wasn’t tedious and was actually as easy as buying something online except for the driving bit.


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