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Davis Weather Station

April 25, 2013

We needed to log all our weather data and in a simple way which multiple users could access.

I decided to buy a Davis Vantage Vue unit because the are cheap and have a long track record with a strong community of users. I also got the ethernet attachment for the display so I could plug it into our network.

At this point I was a bit stuck because most of the software was pretty looking windows stuff and all I wanted was a table with the actual data rather than pretty graphics of trends and such. I also wanted it to be lightweight, putting a graphic app on a windows server would be a last resort!

I then stumbled across weewx ( which is a simple lightweight server written in python to interrogate the Davis stations and others and download the data from them and store it in a database. 


I installed a ubuntu server and installed weewx and got it interrogating the station every minute and recording the data in a mysql server I setup on the same server. I then installed php and got the weewx web site working.

So now I have the weather station data being recorded every minute but the front end (web via weewx) was still more of a trend interface rather than a raw data look.

After having a look at the mysql tables I could see that the “archive” table holds the records I needed so with a bit of php, js, jquery I came up with a couple of pages that do what I need nicely.

If you interested you can download them from git hub

You will also need Jquery, Jquery UI ( and need to edit the php files to put in your db credentials. Also make sure you change weewx from sqlite which it uses as standard to mysql.

The file date1.php will show you a calender then you select your date and hit load and an ajax call will display the data in a table. you can also hit download which gets the data from csv.php as a csv file.

DISCLAIMER: these php files do not to any sanity checking and should not be placed on a public website. I am not liable for any damage these files may cause use at your own risk.


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