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Juniper SRX Backup

December 17, 2015

We recently had a srx 100 go down on site and no way to access it.
In the end we had to get the site manager to take it to another site and plug it into a console cable already plugged into a server so we could reconfigure it.

We didn’t even have a backup config of the device (epic fail!)

After this debacle I sat down to learn a lot more about Junos auto recovery and made sure I backed up all the juniper config’s we had.
Cisco and HP config’s already got backed up with Spiceworks.

1. Rescue config
You want to make sure that the juniper has a copy of your config saved in a safe place. to do this type

request system configuration rescue save

2. Auto recovery
The auto recovery saves information on licenses, config and parititioning more info can be found here.
request system autorecovery state save

3. Backup partition
SRX class devices can be dual boot so if the main partition has a problem it can boot off the second partition. You will want to ensure your two partitions are on relatively equal software versions to make sure feature set’s are the same. To copy the current partition to the backup use.
request system snapshot slice alternate

Next week I will look at backing up the router config.


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